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Modern, Gothic Mansion
Consentual Non-Consent
Female Domination (Domina / FSubs, MSubs)
I count you down with Snaps to Surge and Squirm and Squirt into a hands free orgasm for Latex
I recommend listening to its predecessor first, before you get started; you'll also need headphones and the objects specified close at hand. Ensure that you are naked and in a comfortable position on your bed with the door to your room within your field of view. It is intended that you listen to this file in conjunction with "M.I.N.I.O.N" set as an alarm.
Intended Effect
Includes post hypnotic suggestions of chastity until you succeed in using this session to have a HFO. You don't need to touch your dick. Whenever you have your hand wrapped around your cock, in trance or out, I want your mind to ask for permission from me, to beg, and you'll hear me reply- No. Furthermore whenever you close your eyes, even for just a moment, you'll be reminded of that subconscious part of you that's still trapped here. A constant pulling in your mind that you just can't seem to shake off. To come back here and reunite your mind & body.
[R.U.B.B.E.R ]
Haptic Script
[R.U.B.B.E.R ]

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Countdowns, Layers, Echoes, SFX


Countdown Hypnosis Leather Story Trust Me Moans Whispers Body Worship Intimate Position Training Verbal Response Humiliation | Light Fall Asleep Trigger Reinforcement Trigger Installation Manipulation Tingle ASMR Adventure Long Length Challenge Obedience Big Tits My Pet Orgasm Teased | T&D Night Time Ass Worship Ear Blowing Bondage Conditioning Anal Binaurals Orgasm Control JOI Chastity Teasing Fingering Layers No Wakener Latex Latex Slaves Post Hypnotic Suggestions Dungeon Shibbycentric Mindfuck | Mindplay Devotion Breathe Script Fill Oral Handjob Whimpers Choking Extreme Cum Milking Maid Grinding Possessive Falling Multiple Orgasms My Slut Queening Sensory Deprivation Chastity Cage Futa Rubber Switch High Protocol Collaring Reward BDSM Double Penetration Fucking Machine Collar Corset Holding You Down SFX Addiction My Toy Caged Sweat Begging Welcome Home Breath Play Series Condom Sultry Exhibitionism Dildo Leash Gloves CNC Training Orgasm Ruined Facial Rough Trapped Trigger Testing Slave | Slavery Bisexual Psychological Dirty Talk Kneeling Extras | Fsub Licking Competition Climax Ear Nibbling Owner | Ownership Cleavage Laughter Rough Sex Rules Sadistic Mentions Mantras Big Cock Loud Cum Eating Forced Bi Cum Everywhere Chains Sounds | Night Butt Plug Whipping Orgy Machine Milking Can't Move | Immobility Subjugation Sounds | Ambient Aneros Lube Connection Legs Mutual Touching CBT | Light E-Stim Hive Extras | Msub Haptic Extras | Male Extras | Female Chastity | Begin Restraints HFO Fdom

Hypnosis Style: Story-Like

Conversational Intro, On Handcuffs & Headphones, CBT, Instructions, Visualisation, Door, Eyes Closed, Quick Trigger Drop, E-Stim Talk, JOI, Reinforcing Triggers, Testing Trigger = Latex, Verbal Response, Rules, Orgasm Control / Domina Owns Me, Begging, Countdown, T&D, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Relaxation, Visualisation, Caged Cock, Trapdoor / Falling Deeper, Countdown, Rapid Trigger Drips & Drops
Story Begins, Fog / Statues, Mansion, Welcome Home, Rapid Trigger Drops, Tit & Ass Girls & A Gagged Slut, Led Along A Grand Hallway / Rotunda, Domina, Latex Catsuit, Intimate Body Worship, Quick Trigger Drops, Oral, Ass Worship, Countdown, Collaring, Kicked / Rapid Trigger Drops, Latex Sleep-Sack, Restraints, Conditioning, Breath Play, Begging, Rapid Trigger Drops / Sinking Into Rubber
The Maid Audition Tale, Broken By The Sluts, In My Private Dungeon, Teasing, Kinesthetic, Intimacy / Your Rubber Queen, Milking Machine, Orgasm Control, Cum Milking / Quick Trigger Snaps, Building Pleasure, Rapid Trigger Squirm, Light Humiliation, Dildo / Oral, Queening, Making you have a HFO, Leash, Caged, Anal / Fucking Machine, Enslaved, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Story Ends, Fall Asleep



My Latex Series // Session Two / Full #2
This is the long awaited sequel to my longest file to date "L.A.T.E.X". It only seems fitting that it should become my next longest file comprising all of the previously released parts together. It’s exceedingly long but (I hope you’ll agree) worth it for those who have a soft spot for latex. The narrative directly continues from where we left off and whilst the audio is a standalone file, I recommend you listen to the predecessors in the full series first as many references and triggers are installed within it.

Follow me through a series of trials as I take you deep down into my rubber world. Encountering familiar faces and offering up your mind and body, to do with as I please and to earn your ultimate reward. It's been a long time coming, but if you truly think you're worthy of joining me deep down in my dungeon, you're going to have to prove it.

You do want to please me don't you, Slave?

To visit my latex Sluts one more time?

I’ve come to collect my R.U.B.B.E.R Drone.

It is intended to be experienced lying naked in your bed before you drift off to sleep, (perhaps a few hours before).
You will also need a few items for your time with me:

• A pair of shoes.
• A latex condom.
• A toy, such as a butt plug, to put inside yourself, that can stay there for a long time safely and comfortably. There are also now haptic vibration scripts available for "R.U.B.B.E.R" to add to the experience.

Recommended lovense toy - Hush **

**Affiliate link, please use if you plan to buy a toy, as it helps encourage me to get more scripts made for my files.
  (For more files with a similar recommendation click here).

This audio is not for the faint of heart, by the end of our time together you'll be quite literally a shadow of your former self...
For this version of the file, please properly read through the Tags before listening. There is an alternative version, for those of you who aren’t comfortable with your sexuality being challenged and male genitalia.

A big thank you to latex enthusiasts of Reflectivedesire.com who have granted me permission to use sound snippets from their content.

Additional SFX credits to Freesound:

[strange bells by martysonic]
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