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Modern, Fantasy, Bedroom
Consentual, Written Agreement
Female Domination (Domina / FSubs, MSubs)
I make you Clench, and Squirm, and Take It, as I count us down with Snaps to a hands free orgasm to Latex
I recommend finding all the items safely before you get started; you'll also need headphones and any clean-up supplies close at hand. Ensure that you are naked and in a comfortable position beside your bed, preferably kneeling, or sitting down. Make sure that you are able to stretch or shift around freely. Ideally you should have sufficient floorspace to fully relax. Make sure that you don't have anything scheduled for several hours or so before you begin. It is intended that you listen to this file to fall asleep for the night. At the appropriate moment you will be instructed to turn off the lights, climb into bed and settle back into the comfort and support of your mattress.
Intended Effect
This fantasy roleplay file, whilst intended as escapism, includes directions for cum eating, and signing a written 'slave' contract affirming: "I'm a rubber slut. I'm a rubber slave". This is your mantra and lingering post hypnotic suggestion. Every time you say it you become blanker and your penis becomes more and more erect. Every time you hear it your mind becomes more submissive and your addiction to latex grows inside of you. Every time you are aroused and feel like you are about to cum you shall repeat this mantra inside your mind. To admit it to yourself, to embrace your true nature.
Haptic Script
[G.U.M.M.I ]

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Audio Type
Countdowns, Layers, Echoes, SFX


Hypnosis Style: Story-Like

Conversational Intro, On My Latex Fetish, Instructions / Quick Trigger Snaps, Kneeling, Quick Trigger Buzz / Contract Writing, Blindfolded, Mantra / Blank & Empty, Relaxation, Regulated Breathing, Visualisation, Water Park, Giant Slide, Rapid Trigger Drop & Snaps, A Dark Tunnel / Sliding Down Into A Black Latex Sea, Submissive Tingles, Swimming Deeper Down Into Trance, Quick Trigger Sleep
Story Begins, Down In My Sex Dungeon, Collared & Caged On All Fours, Cumplay / Crawling In Sticky Pools, A Chance Discovery, Walking Deeper Into Trance, Visualisation, Another Cage / Tit Girl, A Memory Of Latex, Unlocking Her, Switch / Leashing Your Slut, Walking Deeper Into A Snowy Courtyard, Quick Trigger Drop, Visualisation, Gothic Spire, Fractionation{ Verbal Responses / "I'm A Rubber Slut" }
Trapdoor / Falling, Visualisation, Workstation / Butt Plug, Hive Machine / Reinforcing Trigger < Slave, Rapid Trigger Snaps / Mantras / Conditioning, A Daily Routine{ Ponyplay Training }, Visualisation, My Bedchamber, Seven Latex Girls & Domina, Restraints, Spanking, Visualisation, My Minion / Sex, Countdown / Gangbang, A Contract Signed / CEI, Countdown / Pegging, Trapped In My Vacbed, Story Ends



My Latex Series // Session Three #3
Welcome to the third & final file in “My Latex Series”, and the last step in your journey through slavery to prove you are special.

After all this time. All these years spent listening to me. It really has been a long way down into my dungeon, sweet­­heart. Remember? ... All those many many nights spent together, deep within my rubber world, offering up your mind and body to me.
It has all led you back, back towards this, towards me.

You chose to wander down this path.
You chose to become my caged Rubber Drone — my depraved Latex Slut.

And now I have everything I need at last locked into place. I’ve carefully built this experience from the ground up, slowly, subtly placing my winding foundations throughout your thoughts. Watching as they took my shape in you, layer by layer. Watching as they wound tighter, and tighter. Watching as they took form, and spiralled high around you.

Are you now ready to serve at last?
To play with me, as my perfect pet?


After much consideration I decided not to release "G.U.M.M.I" in parts, but as it's full and glorious two hour self. As is tradition, this file is intended to be experienced lying naked in your bed before you drift off to sleep.

You will also need a few items for your time with me:

• A pen, and a few sheets of paper.
• A blindfold or hood that will cover your eyes (ready to be worn).
• A condom (ready to be used).
• A pair of shoelaces, or something similar to tie up your cock and balls.
• A vibrating butt plug (ready to be inserted at the start).

Recommended lovense toy - Hush **
Recommended lovense toy - Edge **

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This extended version of the file includes a contract for those of you who want submit even deeper to me and literally sign your freedom away. For those who have already signed, there is an alternate version with that section of the file removed. So you can return to listen again, and again…


Before listening do please properly read through all the Tags. In particular make sure that you are comfortable being presented with both men and male genitalia in a sexual context.