Sudden Succubus


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In this file you are simply walking home when you are surprised in the forest. A Hypnotic Enchantress surprises you, her voice quickly ensnaring you as you walk willingly into her trap. It feels too good to resist and really... you're just a weak, weak man when it comes to desire.

I want that fear boner from you. Those after-adrenaline fantastic and orgasmic endorphins of pure pleasure crashing through your body. I'm going for shivers up your spine, I'm going to make your heart beat faster and faster and faster until the excitement takes over your body and you cum so very hard for me.

It's meant to be a bit scary, and to offer your mind an escape from that fear...

There is no gore, nothing to gross you out...

Just come here to me, I'll hold you safe while you go down into trance and enjoy the world I have crafted for you.


C4H stands for Conditioned for Her. It means this file has commands for you to obey a lover in your life.

This was last months voting winner on my patreon. It was really fun creating my own lore for Succubi... and while this file will take you to some extreme places - you might just find it's pleasurable enough to be worth it. This succubus has been commissioned by your own personal Domina and you'd better be ready to show her what a good boy you can be.