Two Sided Sorority Jackpot


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Shibby, Arrabell (u/arrabell)
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We are going to go behind the scenes of two slutty sororities. You've just started dating one of our sisters, and there are certain... traditions to be upheld. You wouldn't want to disappoint your new girlfriend.. so settle back and pick a voice to listen to - let the other just drone on in the back of your mind. She's talking about a different scene anyways! We wouldn't want you to become confused.

More slutty then kinky, this is a script I saw offered up on GWA months ago by u/bob816fan. It took me awhile to find the right partner in smut, and while browsing through GWA I found it in the talented Arrabell. With her lovely and calm british accent, she sounds so proper and polite as she says such dirty dirty things. I knew she was perfect the moment I listened to a Hypnosis file she made. I sent her a message and she sent me back her recording of the "nice girl" side of the script. I recorded the girl who is a bit meaner, and spent a bit of time cutting and adding until finally! the two tracks sort of matched time wise. I did my best to blend the two, leaving as little dead space as possible, and it has a made a lovely confusion hypnosis file.

This is the version without Binaural beats.