Brain Squeeze


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I love having an obedient toy who will let me experiment with all sorts of new and wonderful things. Especially ones I can use on someone else. On a boy who's open minded, and eager to see all the different ways in which I can work my hypnotic magic.

On a good boy, like you...

You don't mind letting me explore you a little do you?

To be my little test bunny?

You see I just found this new toy. A latex toy. Its especially designed for hypnotists to use on their toys. A toy that will allow me to control your mind with more than just words. But its a little different from what you might be used to...

Let me guide you through a brand new experience.

Let yourself relax, as my voice guides your thoughts and paints pictures in your mind.

You can now experience "Brain Squeeze" with a scripted vibrating toy!

Recommended lovense toy - Hush **

If you wish to use a toy - such as a prostate massager or butt plug - make sure it is already in before you start, and I'll allow you to enjoy haptic rhythms as we go through this together. Do not shove anything that could hurt you or get stuck up there.

**Affiliate link, please use if you plan to buy a toy, as it helps encourage me to get more scripts made for my files.
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