Playing with your Nipples


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Slave! What are you doing on the floor in front of my bed. The warmth from the fireplace is soothing but you're not supposed to be in here!! I didn't call for you, did I? — Aww. You couldn't sleep and wanted to be closer to me?

How cute.

Yet such a lapse in your obedience. Bad Boy. I think we need to do some training.


You clearly crave my attention. You are here, after all, because deep down you want to serve me. But in order to be of service to me you need to learn to obey. Every time you follow my orders properly you reinforce in your mind how obsessed you are with being good for me - how much you need to obey. And this conditioning is especially effective when the tasks that I give you are hard.

Poor Slave. To correct your behaviour tonight I'm going to have be really hard. Just seeing you naked beneath me, trying so much to please me. It's got me in the mood. Hmm. I think I’m going to give you a few tasks where you play with, tease and torment your nipples.

Now, before we get all hot and sweaty...

Slave. I need you to come down into trance, and open yourself up to me. Obey.

This file contains instructions to toy with your nipples in a very real, very harsh, and directly painful manner. If you choose to follow along, please be sensible and do so in a safe way. Listen at your own risk.

It is mandatory to read and follow all the requirements below before listening:

• You will present yourself to me completely naked, and exposed.
• You should ideally have two pegs or nipple clamps ready for use (or you will have to use your imagination).
• If you choose to use pegs or nipple clamps, you will test them before listening. You should make sure that you are able to pull them off your skin without it harming you. They don’t have to squeeze too tightly. When you first put them on they shouldn't be painful yet. Otherwise this is going to be really hard!
This enticing script was offered up to me by u/XEPOV, and recorded live on my discord.