I break you down to build you back up

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You're a slut.  MY slut.  And I love that about you. I love that you specifically come to me. That you're not just any slut. No. No. No... You're not a beginner anymore. This isn't your first fucking time. We both know it. And that's what makes you such fucking fun. You're mine now. My slut. My creature. My pet.

And I love knowing this about you. That I could do such terrible things to you, and yet you'd still want more. That I could hurt you whether you'd been good or bad. That I can always be more sadistic, whether you can take it or not. Because I love every little bit of a kink scene... I love hurting you. I love the moment before I hurt you. That anxiety and anticipation in your eyes, as you squirm away from whatever I'm about to touch you with. And the power feels so good for me, so intoxicating.

So before we go any further. I want you to really know what's in store, how these things work. That while I love to hurt you, I'm still going to kiss it better. It causes this bond to form between us. Like when my hand goes to stroke your face... you turn into it, without thinking, just submitting. There's a connection there that's so very real, and intimate: I'm going to build you back so much better then before.

And you want this to happen, don't you?

Long before you put on your headphones.

You gave your consent.

Unfortunately there was an issue which occurred during the live recording for this file, resulting in a lower audio quality then normal. As this was an improv with no script, and very much of the moment, I will still be releasing it as recorded. Sorry loves.

I did particularly enjoy recording this file live, and hope you will enjoy it as well. ♡