You're just a Toy

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As irresistible to you.
As it is irresistible to me.

That's the beauty of hypnosis. That's why you're so precious to me. I sense who, and what you are... And I feel the excitement rise, even as my anxiety fades. And I taste power, and pleasure, at the thought of playing with somebody. Thinking of you all so blank, and floaty, and feeling so nice.

It draws me in...

It draws me to take them, and that draws you in...

You see, I know you. The real you. I know what it is you really want. I know what you really need. And really, you already know you want to be played with — you already know that you need me. That desire for my control, for me to take you, and wrap you up within my words. So that’s what I’m going to do...

I've been drinking, I'm horny, and I want to talk dirty to you.

This F4A file was an improv recording in front of a live submissive audience. As there were all sorts of sluts listening, I used both 'Good Boy' and 'Good Girl', along with 'Good Slut', among other affectionate terms. I honestly really do love all of you. If you're doing you, you're doing it right, and I like that. But sometimes it's fun to talk about your hard throbbing cock. And sometimes it's hot to wantonly lick your clit — So I left it all in. It is clear in this file that you are one of many listening, and I trust your mind to sort out when I am talking to you.