Fucked by Tentacles


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Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Consentual Non-Consent
Female Domination
My thick raping tentacles pounding at your every orifice bring you to multiple hands free orgasm on command
Make sure that you will not be disturbed or overheard for the duration of the file. Take the time to find a comfortable position, one where you are free to move or shift about as necessary. Ideally you should be reclined in a soft bed, propped up with pillows or cushions, and have clear floorspace nearby in which to stand. To begin your eyes should be closed, with your arms gently resting by your sides.
Intended Effect
The hypnosis exists here to help guide the listener into an imagined erotic roleplay scene with me, and my tentacled friends. To relax, and melt you down into a safe comfy bubble of my control, from which you've no want or will to move; an open receptacle for my hypnotic suggestions. From this soft and pliable state I can stimulate and spark your nerve-endings to reveal the needy little toy within, and bring out the slut who is so desperate to be filled and fucked. The scene itself involves themes of intense constriction and overstimulation, face-fucking, full body rape, and endless use as a broken addicted milked fuckdoll — ruined for anything else by alien tentacles with mind-altering slime — rewriting and erasing everything but the listener's drooling pleasure and need to comply.

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Binaurals, Music


Hypnosis Style: Pure, Story-Like

"Melting Relaxation Induction" : { Pretalk, On My Trance-Sluts Upcoming Vacation, Instructions / Building Trust, Pouring Melting Heaviness / PMR{ Movement / Toes, Quick Trigger Limp, Deep Breath, Drifting Deeper / Drugged By My Words, Heavy: Lower Body, Quick Trigger Limp, Deep Breath, Sliding Deeper, Movement / Fingers, Heavy: Upper Body, Quick Trigger Limp, Melty Putty / Absorbed }}
"Staircase Deepener" : { Visualisation, Winding Stairs, Instructions{ Keep Quiet / "Nod For Me", Deep Breath }, Countdown{ Regulated Breathing / Doubling Relaxation / Sinking Deeper, Quick Trigger Drip, Kinesthetic, Melting Into A Goo Puddle, Installing Trigger > Sleep¹ / Quick Trigger Snap }, Asleep In My Control }, "Stimulation Interlude" : { Focusing, On Tingling Energy Flowing Over Your Body }
"Fucked by Tentacles" : Scene Begins, Visualisation, Sinuous Shadows / My Emerald Green Alien Tentacled Monsters, Living Bondage{ Kinesthetic, Wrapping Around Your Body / Constriction / Compression / Tingling Slime, Mindbreak / Tentacle Rape{ Drugged, Oral / Deepthroat, Teasing / Outercourse, Nipple Sucking, Forced Anal, Orgasm, Over-Stim, Orgasm }}, Scene Ends ... An Addicting Afterglow, Movement



Do we really need any more of a description? You're clearly a slut for tentacles if you're reading this far... But this isn't quite like my other tentacled files, oh no, its a bit more... out there then that. Don't worry though, I'll start out nice and slow and gentle at first, before I take you down, deep into my realm, and introduce you to all my special little friends.


If you trust me, and want to experience this knowing nothing more than that you'll be used for my own gratification, and that of my green and greedy tentacles. If you are returning for more, or enjoy diving into the unknown. Well, then go right ahead, sweetie. I'll be waiting... But if you truly are curious, or just that much of a slut you crave every slimy oozing sticky tendril of my power over you... Then perhaps you should read on pet.

Maybe you can already feel it taking effect on your weakening mind... That warm dreamy feeling of constricting coils of pulsing thick flesh wrapping and wrapping around your limbs. The alien otherworldly way that they ripple over top, all throbbing and engorged. They only want to give you pleasure pet. Just imagine how they'd come to you... How slick. How slippery. How insidiously insistent. They have needs too slut, just like you, and they aren't afraid to take it.

Can you imagine the wet tip brushing at your lips, forcing its way inside?

Can you feel each tentacle cock pushing, pushing, pushing at your needy little entrances?

Shush. This isn't just a nice file, pet. And my friends aren't going to take no for an answer. And they're not going to stop until you're a babbling incoherent wreck of a slut. Until you are used, fucked, filled, and stuffed with tentacles. Because then, pet, when you are nothing but a helplessly mind-broken slave for me. They are just going to keep on going...


In this erotic hypnosis roleplay, I'll be asking you to feel things across your entire upper and lower body, from legs and arms to chest and head, but I'll keep any and all descriptions gender-neutral. There are also repeated mentions of your nipples being milked and groped. I always want you to feel safe with me, so only listen if you're comfortable with that going in.


This mind-break file takes things towards the extreme. Please read all the tags before listening.


This commissioned script was written for me by Kayli. Enjoy, and please let me know what things you felt or experienced, or not — and of course, if you have fun being molded afterwards ;). I love hearing how my voice might work for you.