The Ritual


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Your training has been slowly progressing over the past few weeks, as you have adjusted to your new life of chastity amidst this exotic sex club. You’ve become so diligent in taking care of yourself, and your stunning feminine appearance has only reached new heights of beauty. But something in you is holding back, a remnant of your past. The latest tests of your performance have ended in failure, and punishment beckons...


Now Domina herself has returned to take charge, and remind you of your purpose, your enslavement. To prepare you to take the first steps to embracing who you really are. In order to start something new you have to break down the old, and you, well, you need to be truly broken.
* * *

My dear, it is time for the ritual to commence. Tonight you will face your final trial, to take up your rightful place at the Chateau. We need to get you ready — I will remind you of your role, and responsibilities. Now. Let's be on our way.


This fan-scripted file was inspired by the events in “The Chateau”; it won't be canon, but will be following the same setting and themes. The file takes place after the events of the first two chapters - “Rebirth” and “Overture” - so do check out all the other (very hot) scripts in that series, lovingly written by u/secretivethoughts.

This is the full version of "The Ritual", which also includes the first section, "Interlude", in its entirety. This file features gender transformation, and being used sexually by men, which particular listeners could find uncomfortable. Please remember this is a fantasy roleplay and intended as escapism. If this doesn't sound like it is for you, you're welcome to look up all the tags before listening. I want you to always feel at home and safe listening to me.